80th Anniversary Digest 5 pack!

80th Anniversary Digest 5 pack!

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In this bundle you will receive the following 5 books:

Archie Anniversary Digest #1 - “Hundreds of Possibilities!” Archie takes a nap only to be awakened by someone pounding on his door. To his surprise, it’s his best friend Jughead—but not the Jughead he recognizes. This one belongs to something called the Time Police, and he comes with a warning: all the Archie space time continuum will soon be collapsed into one reality. Archie must join forces with Jughead to save the day—and all of time as we know it! This brand new digest series celebrates 80 years of Archie with the best stories lovingly handpicked by fans, beautiful art pages, and fun fan-centric bonus content. This is a must-have limited series featuring 8 decades-worth of the most hilarious and memorable Archie tales! 

* Archie Anniversary Digest #2 - “HAPPY ARCHIEVERSARY!” Archie’s lasted for eighty years—which means he’s undergone quite a few art changes and different style choices over those last eight decades! Let Archie guide you through this history of, well, Archie! But it turns out to be more than just a tour when the different eras of Archie come to life in this fun commemorative story!

* Archie Anniversary Digest #3 - “Happy MANYversary!”  Betty has a habit of keeping track of and mentioning every type of minor anniversary, such as the anniversary of the first time she and Archie watched a certain movie, played a certain video game, visited a particular comics shop, etc. Archie finds it charming, but could there be such a thing as too much celebrating?

* Archie Anniversary Digest #4 - “Pour Some Sugar, Sugar on Me!” The Archies have noticed that they haven't been getting as many bookings lately, so they decide to shake things up! The only problem is that they each envision a new "path" for THE ARCHIES! Join them as they take a trip back in time and explore different musical genres and superstars and see if they can agree on what The Archies new sound and look will be!

Archie Anniversary Digest #5 - “Pep to the Future” Archie and Jughead are at the Riverdale Library when Archie finds an ancient text in a hidden compartment titled “Pep Comics no. 22.” Archie opens the book… and they’re both transported immediately back to 1941! Archie sees the iconic scene from Archie’s first appearance as Archibald “Chick” Andrews trying to impress Betty while standing on a bicycle. Unfortunately, Archie accidentally knocks Chick off the bicycle causing a rift in space and time. Riverdale characters and places from 2021 start to spill into 1941, and Jughead fears it could cause the end of the known universe! Can he and Archie restore the space time continuum and set things right? Find out in this fun lead story that concludes our 80th anniversary digest celebration! 

Over 950 pages and all books arrive together.

Please be advised ordered with other books (Excluding Subs)  Your entire order will not ship until this book becomes available.

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