Archie Andrews Pin

  • $14.99

Oh, Archiekins!! We've added the girls' number one heartthrob to our pin lineup by popular demand - and judging by the lipstick kisses all over his face, he's popular with Betty and Veronica, too!

Product specifications:
The ARCHIE ANDREWS pin features classic linework by legendary Archie Comics illustrator Dan DeCarlo, lovingly re-designed just for you by Sara M. Lyons. Each ARCHIE ANDREWS pin is approximately 1½" high and ¾" wide and made of super shiny, jewelry-quality hard enamel in gorgeous full color with screenprinted details and glossy gunmetal plating. Single prong back with (brand new, super cute!) bright red heart-shaped rubber clutch

*Please note that this product will be shipped from a location separate from our books.*

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