Betty & Veronica Summer Bundle!

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Betty & Veronica Bundle Contents

Graphic Novels

  • Betty & Veronica: The Bond of Friendship (144 pages)
  • Betty & Veronica Friends Forever (120 pages)
  • Archie's Big Book Vol 6: High School Yearbook (304 pages)
  • Archie Giant Comics Hop (416 pages)

Betty & Veronica: The Bond of Friendship (OGN) (144 Pages) - Archie’s first-ever original young adult graphic novel, starring everyone’s favorite BFFs Betty and Veronica! There are a number of truths in Riverdale–Archie Andrews will forever be clumsy and love-struck, Jughead Jones has an appetite that can never be satiated, Pop’s will always serve the best burgers and shakes and Betty and Veronica will be best friends no matter what comes between them.

Betty & Veronica Friends Forever (120 Pages) - Classic Betty and Veronica stories are back with this collection of tales that see the two iconic BFFs travel the world and get into all kinds of international adventures—loaded with friendship and fun!

Archies Big Book Vol 6: High School Yearbook (304 pages) - Archie and his friends have forever been stuck in the latter portion of high school, but now the complete story of how the gang all met up is finally being told! See the beginning of the eternal love triangle, the introduction of Mr. Weatherbee as principal of Riverdale High, the formation of Moose and Midge’s relationship (and Reggie’s subsequent schemes to split them up), and other Archie staples!

Archie Giant Comics Hop (416 pages) - Get your poodle skirts and letterman jackets ready, we’re going to a HOP featuring our most fun and hilarious stories! This collection features over 400 pages of iconic Archie tales in one amazing volume!

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