Names color pin

Names color pin

  • $8.99

Hi, my name is...Betty and Veronica! Declare your love for your favorite besties with this sweet 3-pin set featuring the classic logo lettering in gorgeous full color! So cute to wear together or apart - show the world which team you're on, or even use the "and" pin separately to add some extra fun and flair to your existing pin collection!

Product specifications:

The NAMES COLOR 3-pin set features the original BETTY & VERONICA comics title logo, lovingly re-designed just for you by Sara M. Lyons. Each NAMES COLOR pin set includes a "BETTY" pin that measures about 1.25" wide, a little bitty "AND" measuring in at just 1/2", and a "VERONICA" pin that's 1.75" wide, all in gorgeous mixed pink hard enamel with glossy gunmetal plating. The pins of the girls' names each have double black rubber clutch backs to keep them from twisting around on your lapel; the "AND" pin features one black rubber clutch back. Also available in gold and white!

*Please note that this product will be shipped from a location separate from our books.*

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