Archie Comics Presents Subscription

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Archie Comics Presents the Archie Universe for modern Archie readers and fans! Following in the steps of titles like Archie by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples, Betty & Veronica: Vixens, Jughead: the Hunger, Blossoms 666, Riverdale, and our various one-shots and anthology titles released over the last three years, the Archie Comics Presents... line of titles encompasses all upcoming Archie titles available for teen+ readers, spanning the genres of romance, action, horror, sci-fi, and more. 

By purchasing this subscription, you will receive each new Archie Comics Presents... title as it is released, including one-shots, anthologies, and miniseries. This subscription ensures you will never miss a single issue of any of Archie's Teen and Teen+ titles! 

If you have a subscription to our Archie Universe or Archie Horror title it will be extended by subscribing to this.