Danni Malloy is Jinx Holliday’s best friend, and where one goes, the other is sure to follow… even if that means through hell and back and forth through the depths of space and time. 

When Danni receives a mysterious message from former friend Dilton Doiley, Danni is horrified to learn that he’s built a time machine and it’s gone terribly wrong—and now the three of them have been transported to a warped version of Riverdale, where nothing seems quite right.

It’s up to Danni to set things right and bring them back to the present day, and the hometown they know and love… and she might have to explain a thing or two to Jinx about what’s going on, too! Strange Science explores Danni’s personal history, time travel, and the importance of being true to yourself and what matters most to you. 


Script: Magdalene VisaggioArt: Butch Mapa, Ellie Wright, Jack MorelliStrange Science ONE-SHOT CVR A Main Cover: Butch Mapa, Ellie Wright32-page, full-color comic