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Archie Jumbo Comics Digest – Our flagship digest series featuring everyone’s favorite red-headed teen Archie Andrews! This series features the exciting adventures of Archie with a collection of new and classic stories, along with puzzles, games, and more special features. You’ll find stories also featuring Archie’s best friends (like Jughead Jones), frenemies (Reggie Mantle), girlfriends (Betty & Veronica), as well as family members and some notable faculty and staff at Riverdale High… but make no mistake: Archie is the star of the show here! 

NEW OPTION! You can now select to add the latest issue to your subscription if you are in the United States or Canada for only $5 includes shipping. If you select this option we will send you the latest issue of Archie Comic Digest immediately.

New Subscriptions can take about 6-8 weeks to start up from the date ordered.  It will be followed by a new issue once every 5-6 weeks. 

The images shown are not the first issue you will receive.  Your subscription will start with the next issue due to print.  However, If the order is a renewal and renewed in time your subscription will continue from your previous subscription.  

Dimensions:  4.8 X 6.5

Pages:  Up to 196 Pages


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