Digest Starter Subscription Bundle (New Option Available)

Digest Starter Subscription Bundle (New Option Available)

  • $12.99

Dont know which books you want to subscribe to or which one the person you are buying for would like?  No worries, we've got the perfect bundle for you! You will receive 1 copy of each title available:  Archie, Betty & Veronica, World of Archie and Milestone Digest and Betty & Veronica Best Friends.

(If you are subscribed to any of these titles already, you can order this bundle and your current subscription will be extended.  In the event you do receive a duplicate issue, please notify us by email.)

The books do not all arrive at one time.  Each title ships separately and can take about 4-8 weeks less to arrive from the date ordered.  

The image shown is not the first issue you will receive.  It will start with the next issue due to print.  However, If the order is a renewal and renewed in time, your subscription will continue from your previous subscription.  

Dimensions:  4.8 X 6.5

Pages:  Up to 196 Pages each

Save 67% off the cover price!