World of Archie Digest Subscription

World of Archie Digest Subscription

  • $36.99

World of Archie Jumbo Digest - There's a whole world of Archie comics out there, and you can find them all right here! This series focuses not only on Archie, but his many friends in Riverdale, too! In addition to Jughead and Reggie, you’ll find tales featuring the expanded cast including Moose, Dilton, Mr. Weatherbee, and even more out-of-this-world characters like the Super Teens, Cosmo the Merry Martian, and many more!

New Subscriptions can take about 6-8 weeks to start up from the date ordered.  It will be followed by a new issue once every 5-6 weeks. 

The image shown is not the first issue you will receive.  It will start with the next issue due to print.  However, If the order is a renewal and renewed in time your subscription will continue from your previous subscription.  

Dimensions:  4.8 X 6.5

Pages:  Up to 196 Pages


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