Fun With Little Archie Webstore Print - Erin Hunting

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Channel your inner child with a new limited-edition print from artist Erin Hunting!

Print - As we gear up for the release of the brand new anthology one-shot Fun with Little Archie and Friendshere's your chance to own a special print featuring Little Archie, Little Betty, Little Jughead, Little Reggie, Little Veronica, and even Little Sabrina and Salem! 

Each limited-edition print size is 11" x 17" on premium glossy paper.

Also, to make this complete you can add the newly released Fun With Little Archie and Friends Comic featuring Erin Hunting's artwork as well!

Comic - 
Fun with Little Archie Special (One Shot): Little Archie Get ready for high-octane fun and adventure with LITTLE ARCHIE and his friends from Riverdale! When Little Sabrina meets up with Little Archie, Little Jughead, and Little Betty and Veronica, all kinds of chaos breaks loose and the gang finds themselves transported into a new, fantastical game world inspired by their favorite hobbies! Watch as they brave the mystical and mysterious realm of Gryphons and Gargoyles, form a big-wheel gang, and attempt to relax in an unexpectedly exciting animal farming video game! Featuring the talents of award-winning Lumberjanes writer Shannon Watters, Little Archie writer J. Torres, and Betty & Veronica: Vixens writer Jamie L. Rotante along with the amazing art team of Erin Hunting, Adrian Ropp, and Agnes Garbowska. 

Script: Shannon Watters, J Torres, Jamie L. Rotante

Art: Erin Hunting, Adrian Ropp, Agnes Garbowska, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli

CVR A Main Cover: Erin Hunting

CVR B Var: Brittney Williams

32 pages
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