Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #341

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TWO BRAND NEW STORIES! First, a new viral FlipFlop dance has taken over Riverdale, and it’s all anyone wants to do at Veronica’s pool party. There’s just one problem: it’s a couple’s dance. Poor Ethel doesn’t know who to team up with—Jughead or her new crush Charlie?

Then, in “Twister Trauma,” Captain Flag and Pureheart are battling Tom Twister—a super-villain with the ability to turn into a tornado-like creature! Tom Twister’s primary target: the post office! Can the two heroes stop him from whipping up a mail-storm?!

Script: Dan Parent, Tom DeFalco

Art: Dan Parent, Steven Butler, Bob Smith, Lily Butler, Glenn Whitmore, Jack MorelliCover: Dan Parent192 pages