Archie Milestones/Showcase Digest Subscription

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5 issues of our Archie Milestones Digest 

The fan-favorite Milestones Digest series returns! Join Archie and pals as we continue to celebrate over 80 years of comics history one decade at a time.  Each issue of the Milestones Digests series will also feature a brand new throwback story written, drawn, and set in the featured decade! This is a must-have series for both new and life-long fans of comic books and the Riverdale gang!

5 Issues of our Archie Showcase Digest
Places the spotlight on Archie Comics’ hottest characters, special seasons and eras in Archie, and the most sought-after storylines! These digests collect the most memorable and magical stories, including some special cameos, fun and games and fashion pages. This series is a collectors' dream! 
Each title ships around 4-5 times a year!
192 pages each