Bob Phantom O.S.


After failing to aid a dying criminal in order to get a more gripping news story, burgeoning journalist Walter Whitney not only gains national acclaim, but the attention of a ruthless global crime syndicate; now he must go from mild-mannered reporter by day to Bob Phantom, a heartless ambulance chaser and even hardened crime fighter by night. It’s Nightcrawler meets Spider-Man in the brand-new take on a classic Archie universe character. *Retailer orders for all covers placed by FOC date will be 100% returnable (no minimum)*

Script: James IIIArt: Richard Ortiz, Matt Herms, Jack MorelliBob Phantom ONE-SHOT CVR A Main Cover: Tim Seeley, Matt HermsBob Phantom ONE-SHOT CVR B Var: Jamal Igle

32 pages