Sabrina the Teenage Witch Anniversary Spectacular #1 (Pre-Order!)


Pre-Order - Ships Sept 2022.  

We couldn’t possibly enter spooky season without celebrating Sabrina as much as possible! And we’re kicking off this spectacular with a BRAND NEW Sabrina story that we guarantee will be the greatest Sabrina Halloween story ever! In "Celebration Vexation!" It's Sabrina's birthday and she’s celebrating her day—with an epic battle against her nemesis, a BRAND NEW character named AMBER NIGHTSTONE! Amber is an evil witch born at exactly the same time as Sabrina. Only one witch born that day may live amongst mortals, and Amber wants her turn, so she has to erase Sabrina from history! All that plus a collection of classic-style spell-binding stories!

Script: Dan Parent Art: Dan Parent, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli
Cover: Dan Parent

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