World of Betty and Veronica Issue #18

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TWO BRAND NEW STORIES: First, in “Wooden it Be Nice,” while the gang is at the annual Riverdale Fall Carnival, a loud noise transforms Betty into a wooden puppet, hoping to become a real girl! Will her wish be granted in this fun take on the classic Pinocchio story?

Then, in “Only the Strong Survive,” Pepper decides to help Melody become more self-reliant by taking her on a camping trip. Pepper’s plan is to have Melody take copious notes on how to set up a camping site and survive off the land. Melody proves to be inept at everything… except attracting teenage boys!

Script: Ron Robbins, Tom DeFalcoArt: Jeff Shultz, Jim Amash, Glenn Whitmore, Jack MorelliCover: Bill Golliher, Dan Parent192 pages